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Our Philosophy

Hiraeth Textile Arts serves to reconnect with the authenticity of a bygone era, offering custom mixed naturally dyed yarns and textile art accessories. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures each piece is made to be cherished for generations, embodying the essence of our heritage. 



At Hiraeth Textile Arts, our mission is to rekindle the timeless allure and inherent value of natural materials, honoring the holistic practices of our forebears who cherished the therapeutic virtues of natural fibers. We equip fiber artists with not only unparalleled, naturally dyed yarn and fiber but also with carefully crafted handmade textile items and fiber art accessories, enabling the creation of distinctive, enduring pieces that speak to the soul and connect with the natural world. Our dedication extends beyond the mere provision of superior materials; we are committed to nurturing a community where crafting serves as a bridge to our roots, facilitating a reconnection with our foundational essence. Inspired by the poignant longing known as "Hiraeth", our goal is to counteract the void of the digital age with creations that engage the senses and nourish the spirit. Hiraeth Textile Arts believes that true beauty and profound inspiration originate from within, and we are devoted to supplying the tools and materials necessary to nurture this creative exploration.


In an age dominated by the transient appeal of fast fashion and artificial materials, a deep-seated yearning arises within us; a longing for the authenticity and simplicity reminiscent of a bygone era. This profound yearning, captured by the term "Hiraeth," signifies our intrinsic desire to connect with a heritage that might seem distant, a nostalgic ache for a home that perhaps never existed. At Hiraeth Textile Arts, our vision is to serve as the bridge over this vast divide, offering custom mixed, naturally dyed yarn and fiber for spinning, complemented by a curated selection of Textile Art Accessories. In a world inclined to overlook the value of permanence, we advocate for intentionality and craftsmanship, weaving together a tapestry of items that resonate with the essence of our heritage, crafted to be cherished for generations to come

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